Lollipops (3 & 4) - $45.00

Program Overview

Lollipop is the new Wee Devils; an introduction to soccer for our youngest members of the community. All practices and games will be held on Saturday mornings, unliess otherwise stated.  Please note that practice/games that fall on Labor Day weekend or Mum Festival weekend will be made up during the week on a Tuesday or Wednesday.  This will be shown on your game schedules. The program lasts one hour.  There will be one session, from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. Please see the practice rules and game amendments below:

Practice Portion (First Half Hour) 

Coaches will only be required to run one drill (see the practice game schedule layout).  Please do not hold a practice outside of the assigned practice/game days.

Game Portion (Second Half Hour)

The second half of practice will be an organized game of

4 v 4 soccer.

Games will be four quarters, each quarter five minutes long. If a substitution is necessary before the end of a five minute quarter, play will stop for the substitution and game play will restart with an indirect kick by the team which held possession at the time of substitution. (Note: please try not to substitute unless there is an injury or child emergency)

There will be a one minute break between quarters and a two-three minute break at the half, coaches can choose based on the level of exhaustion.

All “Out of Bounds” balls will be put back in play by an indirect kick-in from the point the ball left the playing area, with the exception of a ball that is kicked out of bounds on the goal line; these kick-ins will be placed on the goal box line. There will be NO throw-ins. Coaches are to determine which team kicked the ball out of bounds.

All players are required to maintain a five yard distance from the spot of the kick-in.

No Goalies are to be used in this league.  We ask coaches to maintain sportsmanship during games.  We ask that coaches avoid dropping players back to protect the goal and/or playing players forward, also known as cherry picking.  No scores are kept, winning or losing is not the object of the game.

All fouls will be called by the Coaches on the field; there WILL NOT be referees for these games.  All Fouls will result in an indirect kick.  For fouls that occur within five yards of a goal, the ball should be placed at a distance of five yards from the goal.

Please only have one coach from each team on the field during game time.

**Make sure spectators are on one side of the field and the team on the opposite side.  Do not allow them the sit behind the goals.

Equipment Requirements

Each player is required to have: 

  • Shin Guards (Mandatory)
  • Water Bottle 
  • Size 3 soccer Ball
  • Shoes - cleats are not required, tennis shoes will work.  No metal spikes allowed. 

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